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Post by AmethystDreamer on Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:32 am

Hi! My name is Jennifer. I am a 23 years old mother, (of a 6 month old baby girl named Emma). I'm also an upcoming actress and voice actress...

I am both Wiccan and Lokean. I'm actually fairly new to both being that I was raised for all of my life in a Southern Baptist Christian environment. With me, I was always open minded to any and everything, but I was always judged for that, being told it was wrong. Which of course I'd try my hardest to remain faithful to my upbringings, but it was hard.

Now that I'm out of my family's house, and now living with my fiance, and his family who are Christian, BUT do not care what I do, I am able to do what I feel is right. For a while now, I've been searching, and trying to find that "
place in my life, and one that wasn't your normal run of things. That's when I started going to college and became friends with a girl who pretty much dabbled in everything to figure our in her life just what she wanted. Which she had a HUGE book dealing with Mythologies and Tales from different cultures and what not.

Which around this time is when the first Thor movie and Avengers came out. (Why i'm saying this is I saw Mjolnir in the book.) And when I saw that it peaked my interest, though I had known about the MCU version of the character played by Tom HIddleston. (Which I'm a fan of being an actress and all...but thats not the point) and what not, it seemed to interest me more about the Norse telling of Loki. Which at the time, I had gotten a laugh out of it, cause I found it so intruguing, BUT I had never thought to follow or worship anything like that ever.

SO after this past year, I became wiccan, I had looked back on some of the old telling and what not and thought, that my life, growing up was so full of chaos and hardships. I was considered the outcast by my family, and people in my school i grew up with. I had even been driven to nearly committing suicide, but decided against it knowing if I did, then that'd make what others want happen, and I'm hard headed. I was adopted, and even my own adopted family abused me verbally and phsyically, in the name of "
(which I know all Christians aren't like that, but a fair amount I grew up with are.) I felt that no matter what I had been through with my life that if I had not pushed through them I wouldn't be where I am today.... and which of course, from many I heard and read that Loki had even been through hardships himself very similar in a way.... Which actually made me happy, to know, and that's when I felt really close to him.

Now I'm quite close to Loki. During the day I don't see visions nor hear him, he only talks to me while I'm either just falling asleep or he'll show himself before I start fully dreaming for the night and so far he's already helped me and given me words of advice...or even hear me out or comfort me when I'm in physical pain. (Which actually 2 days ago I had to go to the ER and that night he came and comforted me.) SO in return, on my altar, which I'm still getting some things for, (Since I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook sweets and hearty foods...being that I'm from Mississippi, US) I give him a nice share of it. Which he's told me more than once he loves.

So yeah thats me and my story! I'm a very random person, who loves to chat. So yeah...


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Re: Hello!

Post by Just.Chris on Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:47 pm

Welcome to the forum!
Seems like twighlight sleep is the time when he'll poke his head in to say hi. Smile
Enjoy your stay!

"Fun is fun and done is done"
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