how things changed

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how things changed

Post by bsa on Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:08 pm

After a. Year dealing with family stuff, I have been prodded again to read and write more, I'm not the average person, so my story is a little rambly, having met many on my travels I never thought it odd that gods goddesses spirits and such are about, Loki has been around a long time and apart from being a cool dude to hang out with I didn't always think much about it.
Then I got some questions, at which point you have to start taking things seriously, having taken the view that gods are like tables, just because they exist you don't have to go around believing in them, I found the role reversed, there's nothing quite like finding a god believes you exist and wants to get formal about it.
I got prodded and asked questions, In a bit of a grumpy way at times, as if time mattered, there are the usual thoughts such as wtf? What would a god wan t with me, the half remembered Greek tales of what Zeus got up to with his shenanigans etc, marriage, not a word I like, so I thought about things and discussed them with Loki, who finally got a bit impatient with me as I was walking through town and wanted an answer, anyways, I remember before saying yes, he was annoyed moving me along my walk quicker and said at a time like this you want to the talk more, he definitely wanted an answer.
Anyways, a couple of minutes later I reached a road crossing, bad feeling to it, walking through a big patch of potential energy which passed me by, guy crossing behind me was the one that got hit by the car. sometimes 30seconds of being sped up the road makes a difference.
A strange start, then things got interesting, I will leave out some stuff, let's just say Loki and I talked a bit more,witnesses to my words and commitment were assembled, I like simple, but simple isn't suddenly finding an overexcited Loki has just disappeared leaving me with a random c rowd in my kitchen, feeling like I have just been house invaded b y half a book of beings I don't really know, that's one way to get to know new beings. An yways, Google, a god what now? A case of do something then find out what is going on, so I had a crash course on 21st century and what's happening In the modern world, anyways, Loki saved my butt, changed my life and got my genuine commitment, earlier I was reading online again, what does a godspouse do? I thought what does any spouse do? then I thought I would write something of myself, everyone is different, this is just me, I agreed my own terms with Loki, technically he owns my butt, though I made it clear that it may not be an idea to tell me that, I love him dearly, I had my chest on fire for a long time burning as I was consumed b y him, I give him what I can, which is me, anyways not a romantic story, just one of how he got me.


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Re: how things changed

Post by Darkamber on Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:41 am

This was fascinating reading!

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