Done!! *throws hands up un the air*

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Done!! *throws hands up un the air*

Post by Just.Christine on Fri May 06, 2016 4:14 am

I try very harx to be non-judgemental but when people go seeStar warz and come home marriex to a shiny new pop culture god....

I don't know. This depressed me a lot. It made me sad and angry. I'm coming off a useless antidepressant and one of my kitties crossed the rainbow bridge this week; plus I deleted everybody off facebook who wasnt a Bingo Buddy. all had to go. Enough is enough and too much is too much.

When life turns into people getting butt hurt over the politics of pissing-please, p!ease, please hear me out here! I dont mean the odd complaint, I'm talking about making it a a social media war, a political correctness war at the expense of common sense-and when people start to marry life size dolls and pillows (dont even ask aboit the people with the power to make this law!), and when people dump their Divine Spouse for a movie character as a mate....

I wont to be open minded, but I find dignified human behavior, culture, and class far more attractive.

It's no wonder other life supporting planets with high tech haven't helped us. We're too unbelievablly unbearably embarrassing and just dumb. And dumb is dangerous.

I used to enjoy reading posts on some of these peoples blogs but how can even think that I actually liked what they wrote. When did sanity turn intto....I dunno...whaever this is?

Hey, I'd have loved to marry one of my own fictional character but they're still just thought forms! Larvae. Of course I dont know thatmto be amfact either! But at least most of the stuff I've adopted in the way of believe is time honored for chrissake! As for Hiddle Loki? Well at least there actually IS a Loki! And most Loki spouses that identify with Marvel Loki accept it as a strictly form issue. As a shapeshifter.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

I never expected dystopia would look like this. When you can legally marry your pillow or sex doll...or ditch an actual god to marry Dr. Who or a Jedi? Oh. Just. Just. Just fuck it. Fuck it all.
I'm a paint a beard and eyepatch on my dildo and marry it. Why the hell not.
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