Aspects / "roads" of Loki

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Aspects / "roads" of Loki

Post by erinlale on Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:27 pm

Ran across this blog post that was shared on Facebook. I don't know if these 9 "roads" really capture all the major aspects of Loki, but I do identify some of them as familiar to me and some as ones I don't relate to. I definitely relate to the Lodhur one, and to both the hearth fire and cremation fire. But there is more to Loki as protector of children than the hearth fire, he is also Lord of the Monsters, and that's the aspect I first encountered him in as a child, which I don't really see represented here. The one with the witch's heart is technically the father of monsters one but that doesn't say anything about the Lord of the Monsters aspect that I encountered. The aspect that broke back through to me in adulthood was at first the destroyer that will bring Ragnarok, who inspired me to write a novel set during Ragnarok, but Loki-as-muse is also the most Odinnic of his aspects, and is sometimes Lodhur, and sometimes while I was writing Loki and Odin both appeared as Loki, plus, the entire first year I was writing most of the time when any aspect of Loki showed up, from Breaker of Worlds to gentle Lodhur, he showed up looking like Marvel-Loki, and sometimes Odin showed up looking like that form too. In practice these aspects blend into one another pretty readily, in my experience.


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Re: Aspects / "roads" of Loki

Post by Lokakisa on Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:01 am

That's funny, Darkamber posted this in another area ...
Anyway Dagulf talks about more of this stuff (not cut and paste from his blog) in his book "Playing With Fire." I can't remember if he touched on the Lord of Monsters much. I'm still reading through it, and honestly I could see the possibility of a revised edition down the road if we made some suggestions to him to flesh out certain things.


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