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Post by Kohana-Von-Fox on Tue Dec 09, 2014 4:26 pm

My name is Kohana, I am a Heathen Kitchen Witch and while I am not a Lokean, I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape over Loki. I don't mind him and see him as a very integral part of our lore, of our Gods. Why people want to equate him to a "
figure is probably long years of christianization (sp?) try to pound their beliefs into another culture and that I do understand in so far as a first glance. But when you start looking deeper into the lore and taking a longer look at our Gods, there is no excuse for such vehemence.

In my own practice, my patron is Freyja. I didn't choose her, she chose me and after such knock on my door, I sought to learn more about her and the Gods and lore she is associated with, the ways, and so forth. Heathenism spoke to me and that is where I will stay and continue to learn. As for the Kitchen Witch part of me, well, I am learning in that aspect of my life as well. I am happiest in the home and kitchen and happiest making helpful things, cooking, and feasting! Of course if I am not doing any of that, you can find me in my room doing homework- I've gone back to school to get my BA in Creative Writing/Fiction- writing, and or watching movies or anime. And if I am not there then I am running errands, at a friend's house, or out attending classes/pot lucks/celebrations with my local Pagan Guild. We have a fantastic Heathen coordinator! Really it's a very diverse group and I truly love it. I am also a Cat-Mama of two cats the oldest is Galen and the youngest is Narcisa. I recently lost my best friend, my kitty soul mate, my familiar, Yoda.



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Re: Hello

Post by Darkamber on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:00 am

A belated welcome to the forum!

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