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I'm sure I speak for many when I admit the difficulty of wrapping my head, much less my tongue, around the pronunciation of names, places and things in Norse mythology.
This is where I plan to alphabetically list names, places and other words with a phonetic pronunciation guide. I also plan on creating a glossary of terms. It takes awhile to learn the many different geographical and time-specific nomenclatures.

Eihwaz - "
An Elder Futhark Rune, ei sound, meaning yew tree
Tiwaz - "
Elder Futhark Rune, letter T, meaning Tyr

Glossary Example:

Hypostasis: In Heathenism, this word is often used to describe a separately existing aspect of a single person, similar to the Christian view of the trinity being three persons in one being. e.g. Some have claimed Frigga is a hypostasis of Freyja rather than being two separate individuals.
In medical terms, hypostasis is the accumulation of fluid or blood in the lower parts of the body or organs under the influence of gravity, as occurs in cases of poor circulation or after death.

Yes. Odin wanted me to pass that one on. On account of Odin is Odin and it sounded disgusting and yet fascinating to him.

[size=150:21dqtdvz]Pronunciation Guide


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