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Post by Just.Christine on Tue May 05, 2015 5:43 pm

May 5, 2015 Rule Updates:

There are plenty of us here who liked the Marvel Thor/Avenger movies. It's not a taboo subject if you keep it in the appropriate fandom forum in the general section. It is possible to be Heathen/Lokean and also a nerdy fan as long as you know the difference or at least show respect for the difference here, in this forum. This means no talking about Marvel, Marvel!Loki or anything Marvel!Universe related anywhere except the fandom section of the forum. You're also free do discuss fandom stuff in pm's with other people-I hope that goes without saying! This also means no mentioning of the Marvel Universe in passing, even if it seems relevant to the thread. If it's relevant to the thread it really shouldn't be if you think about it.

New Rule: There is to be absolutely NO using of disrespectful or profane words or terms in posts about ANY god. That means no terms like "
Little Shit"
etc. applied toward any of the gods, no "
He's a Mean, Shitty Old Man"
about Odin [from me in particular.] I know some of us use these as playful or affectionate terms of endearment but for the purposes of keeping with good manners and good taste, let us refrain from doing so here. Again, what you do in PM's is your business of course as long as it's not offensive to the recipient of the PM.

Right now I wont impose a point or karma system here but if the board keeps growing as it is now I may have to in the future. I trust we're all respectful enough here to accept a gentle reminder and finger wag.

Remember: These are The Gods!
Also, this rule applies to any god of any pantheon, including the god of monotheism and/or Jesus and his followers. In other words, no Jesus bashing or Christian bashing. [Or Jewish or Muslim. No YHWH or Yaweh or Jehovah bashing, etc...]If it's divine, infernal or otherwise otherworldly, no bashing or name calling of any sort.
However, this does not apply to accurate articles on lore and history such as the atrocities of the church against heathens, or the insulting names applied to gods from other gods, providing it's part of the lore, [e.g. Lay of Harbard or Lokasenna]

I hope there will be no hard feelings about this rule change.

Bright Blessings,

The Admins.
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