Open Statement to Marvel!Loki Fans

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Open Statement to Marvel!Loki Fans

Post by Just.Christine on Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:49 pm

If you found this forum it is safe to assume you have at least some interest in Heathenism, so I'm going to spell this out plainly:

This is NOT the place to be if your Heathen and/or Lokean worldview revolves around the fictitious Marvel Loki from the Thor/Avenger movies. Or Tom Hiddleston. It's apples and oranges.

I believe in freedom of religion. Everyone should be able to worship who or what they want. That's not in question here. Neither is it up for debate. Why not make a personal inquiry to Loki if you want to worship him? Ask him what he wants/needs from you. And then listen. Praying is talking to the gods. Meditation is listening for their reply. Meditation expands the consciousness in such a way that you can hear their voices better and develop your intuition in such a way that you can discern the difference between wishful thinking and an actual spiritual connection to the divine. The first one is loud inside your head. The second one is harder to hear and is often not what you expect. It's the "
still, small voice"
more often than not. Meditation will help you clear your head of chatter so you can hear the gods. Regular practice sharpens the divine connection until it becomes reliable and trustworthy. If you have no experience meditating, I suggest [url=The Joy of Meditating-A Beginner Guide to Meditation, by Salle Merrill Redfield][/url]. These are easy to follow and learn guided meditations that introduce you to beginner techniques like relaxation, proper breathing and clearing the mind of chatter. They are very broad and generalized, and inoffensive to just about anyone's sensibilities.

I do want to emphasize, once again, that this is NOT the place for discussions [or pictures!]of HiddleLoki, Marvel, or Tom Hiddleston. I set up this forum so that Lokeans of the Lore Loki type could have a nice, friendly place to discuss him, the gods and Heathenism in general. You are welcome to set up HiddleLoki forum elsewhere. You will not get the validation you seek at this forum.

February 9, 2015 edit:
I would like to clarify something here. I didn't want to give the impression that Marvel Fans and/or Marvel-verse Thor and Avenger fans aren't welcome here. Not at all! There are some fans out there who call themselves Asatru or Heathen but worship Loki in his fictitious Marvel character. Some are unaware that Loki was the blood brother of Odin, not the step-brother of Thor. This group of people subscribe to the personality traits and global domination bit.

Let me re-iterate: If you worship in this manner that is strictly your business. You are still welcome to read and post here providing you follow these rules:

1. Keep your fandom separate from your worship. If your fandom IS your worship, please don't do it here. In other words, don't treat the Marvel-verse as religion and/or worship in this forum. What you do on your tumblr or your blog is your business. If you want to share your blog, put a link in your signature. If you don't know how, I'll help. BUT! Do not post your link in the resources section along with the Lokean/Heathen blogs. I'm sorry if this sounds prejudice and discriminating, but while the parameters of what we call our religion are wide and inclusive, it does not include the worship of the fictitious Marvel Loki and certainly not Tom Hiddleston. This one person claimed that just because Tom Hiddleston portrayed the Loki character and happens to have red hair [reddish blonde at any rate], that he must be a physical incarnation of Loki. Who knows? Anything is possible as long as time exists, BUT! No. Just, no. It's not even remotely close to anything like tried and true Heathen lore and then there's the obvious issue of how would the actor feel about it? It's intrusive and disrespectful.

2. Speaking of intrusive disrespect: No posting of photo shopped Hiddle-Loki made to look half naked and seductively posed for everyone's dubious viewing pleasure. It's disrespectful of the actors and models who's images you're taking liberties with to post pictures like that in public. Like I said, you have your tumblr and other blogs to express that kind of thing. We all have free will but this forum is not a democracy for the most part.

3. If you want to make a Marvel-Loki avatar for your profile picture, that's fine as long as it doesn't state or imply in any way that Marvel Loki [or Thor, or Odin, etc...] is accepted as a valid personification of the deity of history and lore.

Now I'm sorry if any of this makes anyone feel left out or discriminated against but think about it: Christians go to Christian churches;
they don't go to a Jewish synagogue and try to insist upon Jesus the Christ there. Wouldn't put it past them though, lol. Laughing

We want to be inclusive, welcoming and hospitable here. We want everyone who comes here to have a positive experience. But we also don't want fuzzy lines about belief structures to confuse or mislead would-be seekers looking to find time-proven and authentic religion. The Heathen religion is very complex and the Catholic church caused great harm to it, nearly obliterating all traces of it. Reconstructing the old religion is painstaking and solemn work. Should you decide to join, why not consider this your opportunity to enrich your life with the genuine culture of the Germanic peoples by learning about it?

May 5, 2015 Rule Updates:

Also, there are plenty of us here who liked the Marvel Thor/Avenger movies. It's not a taboo subject if you keep it in the appropriate fandom forum in the general section. It is possible to be Heathen/Lokean and also a nerdy fan as long as you know the difference or at least show respect for the difference here, in this forum. This means no talking about Marvel, Marvel!Loki or anything Marvel!Universe related anywhere except the fandom section of the forum. You're also free do discuss fandom stuff in pm's with other people-I hope that goes without saying! But there, I said it just to be careful.

New Rule: There is to be absolutely NO using of disrespectful or profane words or terms in posts about ANY god. That means no terms like "
Little Shit"
etc. applied toward any of the gods, no "
He's a Mean, Shitty Old Man"
about Odin [from me in particular.] I know some of us use these as playful or affectionate terms of endearment but for the purposes of keeping with good manners and good taste, let us refrain from doing so here. Again, what you do in PM's is your business of course as long as it's not offensive to the recipient of the PM.

Right now I wont impose a point or karma system here but if the board keeps growing as it is now I may have to in the future. I trust we're all respectful enough here to accept a gentle reminder and finger wag.

Remember: These are The Gods!
Also, this rule applies to any god of any pantheon, including the god of monotheism and/or Jesus and his followers. In other words, no Jesus bashing or Christian bashing.
However, this does not apply to accurate articles on lore and history such as the atrocities of the church against heathens, or the insulting names applied to gods from other gods, providing it's part of the lore, [e.g. Lay of Harbard or Lokasenna]

I hope there will be no hard feelings about this rule change.

Bright Blessings,

The Admins.
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