A Post With No Name

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A Post With No Name

Post by Just.Chris on Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:48 pm

Everything that's happened in the past five or six months has been unexpected, strange and/or uncomfortable, and sometimes a totally unwanted, burdensome, annoying, sand-papery, caustic experience. Nothing that's transpired this last half-year happened in half measures, either. Full-on intense, no-nonsense even when it was nonsense.

I took a walk down a different path.

I could have casually flipped a coin for all the care I put into my choice of forks, bends, hills and valleys. I met strange people who had strange and harsh ways and even stranger and harsher gods. Compared to the gentle Nazarene, these entities were blood-thirsty savages who take delight in violence and death. Lusty beings who wander about and sleep around, they cross-pollinate and barter in flesh.

These are the gods of my ancestors. They perplex me. They confound and fascinate. They have somehow managed to wake my own savage, self-preserving being. But one of them has stoked the Freudian Death instinct that had already begun taking root and sending up tender shoots in defiance of their own nature.

It all begged solemn examination.

I stood on the threshold of holiness that manifested in surprising forms;
it threw its head back in haughty laughter, making mock of my narrow and limited vision of holiness. It ran naked in sunlit and fertile fields, looking over its shoulder to see my reaction when it gyrated in raunchy displays of bucking and rubbing against things both animate and inanimate. Dancing in whimsy, joyful and merry-making with a furious desperation known only by those who know long, cold nights that end in days when the sun cant be bothered to do more than prop on its elbow to wave listlessly before turning over to resume its neglectful slumber..

[to be continued]

"Fun is fun and done is done"
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Re: A Post With No Name

Post by Moon Rouge on Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:39 am

Hi Z.Meister, thank you for your welcome note! Loki sure does get around, doesn't He! Smile
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