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Post by Just.Christine on Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:47 pm

Here are the rules:

1. Behave yourself. Don't be rude or insult people. Everyone is different and those differences are to be respected whether or not you agree with them.

2. No flame wars. This means if a debate gets out of hand, members will be warned to take it outside [e.g. private messaging system]

3. No verbal abuse or threats. Verbal abuse and/or threats will get you banned. Verbal abuse includes rude and insulting speech that continues after you've been asked/warned to stop. Threats are self explanatory.

4. No spam

5. Except in the General Topics forum, please stick to topic. Some wandering off topic is to be expected and can even be desirable if it leads eventually back to the topic or is relevant in some way to the topic. But don't enter a discussion about Odin or Thor and talk about Jesus or Shiva.

6. This board is about Heathenism first and foremost. All Heathen topics and gods, of course, are welcome. However, this forum is intended to be a friendly place for Loki-friendly people to have relaxing and productive discussions about Heathenism and their Gods. You do not have to include Loki in your worship to be a member but you do have to respect the people who do.

7. No Marvel!Loki! Period. See the open statement I wrote regarding this matter. [url=Open Statement to Marvel Loki Fans][/url]

Here are the suggestions:

1. Please do contribute to the lore and history sections. Study everything about Heathen lore and history you can get your hands on and write articles that people can discuss and/or add to. Articles that focus on Loki, his children, his adventures [and mishaps]are especially encouraged. This is a sorely neglected topic in the Heathen community at large.
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